Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Life Accomplishment: excellence.

Morning meditation: 

Pray in every situation. Know your worth. Don’t let the past harm your future. Stop comparing yourself to others. Trust your inner voice. Everything doesn’t need to be said. Love and forgive yourself first. Life is short. Strive to achieve your goals. Know your limits. Inspire. Believe. Words are powerful. Speak wisely.

Lori Williams

Lori Williams, jazz singer.

"The maturation of spirit, the development of mind and talent, and how beauty matures in playful ways has always been a source of wonder for those who appreciate how such things work in their own lives!

This is what I see looking at this photograph!" - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 12/1217

Letter about jazz singer, Lori Williams from President of City Sketches, Inc.

Lori Williams performing at Bethesda Blues & Jazz Supper Club. Tony Lewis in the back.

Marriage in Hollywood.

"The images created and sustained by Hollywood shaped the ideas of the modern American family in superficial, and significant ways. They solidified the authority of the nuclear family so far down in our collective memories the stability of, and ancient strength of the clan systems of the extended families and the traditions and rituals they have established deep in the indigenous mindsets got lost in the 'American Dream'.

The way people of the darker hue need to revive their souls is to shake this out of our systems as easily as one wakes up from a gripping nightmare pretending to be other than what it really is: the nightmare! The way white people need to perform the same task is different, and unlike the way others of us must unlearn! You see, those who created and seem to succeed from the dysfunction of the nuclear family have to recognize its enormity with fears acquainted with denial. At some point the various directions realization takes the different people towards wholeness, people will come together; but not superficially. . ." - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories [9/9/17]

Orson Welles, wife Rita Hayworth and daughter Rebecca at home in 1945.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Question and Answer period.

"Where has all the grace gone in the world."

"Grace has gone away to allow room for crudeness to grow, and change people to believe grace has no place to thrive within the soul!" - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 12/11/17 

A Gentle Nudge.

Artist Pasckie Pascua. Woman and Red Flowers. 2017.

After procrastination, excuses, and a talk with the Creator, the idea feels good, fear leaves you and you are ready to believe in the magic of new beginnings.
by jojo brooks shifflett  

Anita Jo Shifflett, Lumbee author and lawyer. September 2017.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

a MESS, We're Screwed!

U.S. Diplomat’s Resignation Signals Wider Exodus From State Department
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An award-winning U.S. diplomat who was seen as a rising star at the State Department has issued a scathing resignation letter, accusing Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and the Donald Trump administration of undercutting the State Department and damaging America’s influence in the world.

Elizabeth Shackelford, who most recently served as a political officer based in Nairobi for the U.S. mission to Somalia, wrote to Tillerson that she reluctantly had decided to quit because the administration had abandoned human rights as a priority and shown disdain for the State Department’s diplomatic work, according to her letter, obtained by Foreign Policy. 

“I have deep respect for the career Foreign and Civil Service staff who, despite the stinging disrespect this Administration has shown our profession, continue the struggle to keep our foreign policy on the positive trajectory necessary to avert global disaster in increasingly dangerous times,” Shackelford wrote in her Nov. 7 letter, which is published below. One phrase was redacted on Shackelford’s request. 

“With each passing day, however, this task grows more futile, driving the Department’s experienced and talented staff away in ever greater numbers,” she wrote. 
Her former colleagues said her departure — and the sentiments expressed in her letter — reflect a wider exodus of midcareer diplomats who have lost confidence in Tillerson’s management and the Trump administration’s approach toward diplomacy.
“She’s emblematic of what we’re losing across the board,” said one of Shackelford’s former State Department colleagues. “She is the best among us. We should not be losing the best among us. And that should concern people that we are,” the former colleague said.
In her letter, Shackelford said she was leaving with a “heavy heart” as she recognized the potential of the State Department’s mission. She said she was “shocked” when Tillerson appeared to cast doubt on the importance of human rights in remarks to department employees on May 3. 


A tale for anyone...because you were beautifully made. 

Once there was an elf named Theodore, who was the subject of much laughter. For he had big ears and buck teeth. He would spend his days wandering the path between the green wood and the golden meadow. Feeling lonely and ashamed of his appearance one day, he happened upon a very old and gnarly tree. As he approached the aged tree he suddenly heard voices and one by one little white mice popped out from under the roots of this great tree. These mice were very different from the town folk who used to call Theodore names, for they were friendly and very fond of Theo's ears. From that day on, Theodore would visit his new found friends and would become their provider.

We all have a place and a purpose on this Earth. We were all specially and beautifully made, always stay true to who you are.
~James Browne  

Tree from the World of James Browne.


Too Fine to be True!

Yvonne DeCarlo 1943, an sexy photo of the later Lily on "The Munsters" with Fred Gwinn as Herman Munster.
"Remember that show, that look she had on that show?" 

Yvonne DeCarlo, aka Lily Munster from The Munsters.