Tuesday, January 16, 2018


naked Lady of the Night. Lower class women needed a way to supplement their incomes; upper class gentlemen had expendable income: simple economics tells us that a barter system is bound to appear. This is a subtle stab into the direction of women's necessity to survive using sex to trade, to sell to men. Does this make them whores or survivors? In another way men and women in this game are on a path discovering, as they go, how relationships change on any given day! Should the choice of definition lay solely upon men's decisions and women's bodies? - Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories 

Nude recline on a lazy day for Kat Green.
"For the moment reflection can be the decisive action needed for the rest of the day..."
- Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 

Monday, January 15, 2018


Daily Word January 15

I keep my vision positive

When world conditions seem to suggest chaos, we find peace by keeping the high watch with our mental vision focused on Spirit. Because we know Infinite Wisdom resides within, we regularly take time to examine our thinking and speaking. It is too easy to fall into habits that don't express the person we want to be.

So we take a moment to step back and focus our attention on the big picture. We ask ourselves: Is Spirit at work in this situation? Are we responding in faith by remaining focused on divine activity? The spirit of CREATOR within is the answer to every question of our hearts. Through divine wisdom, we keep our vision positive. 

Marion Cooney

Universe, Earth mountain and expansive mysteries. . .

Towards a Solution

Màat Petrova releasing or letting go.

"Economic expansion cannot alone do the job of improving the employment situation of Negroes. It provides the base for improvement, but other things must be constructed upon it, especially if the tragic situation of youth is to be solved. In a booming economy Negro youth are afflicted with unemployment as though in an economic crisis. They are the explosive outsiders of the American expansion."

~ Martin Luther King Jr. / "Where Do We Go From Here: Chaos or Community" p207 ©1968, based on the original 1967 edition

2 old women armed and strengthened by each other.

Birthed today a long time ago!

Andrea Martin, actress born January 15, 1947 is an American actress
and comedian of Armenian descent.

Andrea Martin by Joseph Marzullo!

born today.

Andrea Martin, actress born January 15, 1947
is an American actress and comedian of Armenian descent.

Homage Paid to a Man.

Martin Luther King's deep words of challenge to cowardice.

PERSONALLY pause to pay homage to a man courageous enough never to let his spirit die though his life was under constant threat. His sacrifice was the ultimate; his message was timeless. I think of him as the original drum major of love. Misunderstood. Maligned. Mistreated. He was just one of many deserving of equal honor who's names we may or may not ever know. But on this day where we celebrate his birth, I PERSONALLY pause to honor him and symbolically pay the same honor to the millions of others like him who will never get a holiday of their own though they also made the ultimate sacrifice. It is because of them all that I am even here - a humbling thought by itself.

So though a few words offered in social media is woefully inadequate to express what I'm truly feeling, it's something my heart compels me to do. So for him and all those like him who chose spirit over life and made it possible for me to be . . .

I sincerely, humbly, from the depth of my whole soul say 'thank you'. - Eden Adele, Jan. 16, 2017

Sunday, January 14, 2018

A New Look for 2018: clarity!

She was beautiful. . . 

There are many women I am reminded of who had this sparkle: the affect upon me that was a spell... It brings to me why, in my youth, I was shown how to alter my perception of girls (when I was a boy) and women. It was quite the trick. It was a gift this ability to be able to 'see' and be still within the spell cast.

It comes from the code one lives by. Not everyone man, or everyone will understand what F. Scott Fitzgerald acquired in his life: an eye for beauty and appreciation for its source in the wonderment of release into the spirit of things! - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories Jan. 14, 2018