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Carlton (Ritz-Carlton) hotel, the square where the Velvet Revolution started, and an open air gallery of Eastern European art, that includes a large silver pair of women’s legs.

Carmela Peluso and Cosetta Chantal walking together in Italy (2015)



Cuban model Jenny Arzola
 August 31, 2012 

"I lived through the hippie movement. The times fit the people of those times. Jenny Arzola is an exquisite beauty made for these times. Neither beads, or raiment can transport her, by illusion, into the feel of those days. 
It isn't a bad thing. It is complimentary to be able to capture the time you live in. The stories and the energies of one's lifetime are special, and incapable of being fully re-created as time moves on to another era with its own energies, its own stories." - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 2.6.14

Jenny Arzola

LOVELY the thought of change

Carla Bruni modelling !!!!

Utility companies and other companies we get services from feel they can milk us like cows because they can. People, as a group, do not act with a commitment to change for the benefit of others, or their own generations to come. It might have been part of American history, but it is not a part of group action, or consciousness today. It boils down to the herding of sheep, or product, and product is not only product it is a way of viewing consumers from the vantage point of a seller, or a large corporation. We were dependent upon our mothers' breasts as babies, and as adults the luxury of modern utilities and the accouterments, and the accumulation of money, not wealth, replaced mother's milk and embrace.  If you are asking for any of this to change you might be asking for a wild beast to stand up among sheep to fight your fight, and that ain't gonna happen any time soon. - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 1.14.14



Rihanna on the summer beach in 2013

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Without Words my breath left ...

Gray haired model



Anne Hathaway in black dress !!!!

Anne Hathaway in black stockings !!!!

Conceptual ideas

Beyonce Knowles crossed legged on stage

Carla Bruni naked in black nails

Cherokee proud woman

Saturday, August 29, 2015


August 29, 2015 
should be a good day. I have no way of knowing

Today is the first day of September 2013. It's Sunday. Mommy has been dead since April 8th, and we are two days shy of her wedding anniversary. We didn't know how to approach the day. Lemuel, my first born son who was born on April 8th, came up with an idea that worked because it seemed to be a part of the family vibe we are all running on. We had a gathering at my house. It was our first. Jan and I have only been in this house about a year and a half. We'd just entertained her brother, Bud, and nephew Johnny for a week. So, we had some cleaning and fixing to do.This would be our first party, and the first time we entertained on our lawn.

To a backdrop of country music playing on the radio it was fun. Everyone showed up late. Cynthia (my little sister), and Daddy were the first to arrive carrying horse shoes and a couple other games along with their chairs and a card table. Michael's family came. Their oldest, Olivia, with her charming self was sporting glitz and glamour in her playful way. She has a voice activated diary. Her little brother Benjamin is engrossed in kicking the soccer ball. The newest addition to Michael's family and the clan is Joshua. He came into the family the day after Mommy passed away. He is a little and strong brown boy. Laughs a lot. Full of joy.

My first born, Janvier, arrived with her husband, Nehemiah sans les enfants! This was a first. Vania, my youngest daughter, had Janvier's children. My grandchildren arrived later much to my delight. They'd been on an outing with their Aunt Vania. Eric and his family arrived after dark fell. David's youngest son, Daniel, and only daughter, Leila  arrived in Leila's new car. Leila is 23 years old! Our flanking neighbors stopped by to meet the family. We enjoyed this. My next door neighbor, Michael, met Daddy and just as I thought got engaged in a lengthy conversation. Mary, on the other side of us, stayed a long time, and just enjoyed herself. When I introduced her to my little brother, Michael, he extended his hand to shake it and took it back apologizing.

"I am sorry. My hands are dirty."
"That's OK." Mary said, "I work around a lot of dirty men. I'm used to it.!"

We bust out laughing.

All in all and everyone together made it a joyful night of sharing and talking, and laughing. It feels like Mommy's presence is always light and a feather distance away from me. I've awaken and seen her standing close to me. I've glimpsed and sensed her adjustments to the world she is in, and I've wrestled with the feelings of brought on by my wandering on the peripheral of those worlds, and the pressure I sometimes feel wondering if I'd let her down in my inability to grasp the healing modalities of the physical body. I haven't been able to feel the separation as a terrible gouge because the state of being present and in the moment I held during the months of her decline has not changed into anything else. Beyond that how am I doing? How we doing? Everyone has a story, and insights.

Later into the night Daniel (David's son) and I drummed. I took the drum back to the soil and core of the West African shorelines and forests, and inner cities struggling between the old and the modern. I called Elegba first and other Orishas unto us before I guided us to the Realms of the Ancestors (Ikole Orun) carrying the seed of our powers from Mommy to us into the presence of Mommy in Ikole Orun. In the basement with her grandchildren there with Daniel and I drumming, and Elijah (my first grandchild) and others dancing we came close to Mommy. Immersing ourselves in the density of the spirit of the conjured realms, and the ancient rhythms all of us stayed attuned until I returned us along the same paths and out to our starting point, and release. - Gregory E. Woods 9.1.13

Instagram Chicks
August 31, 2013
"This picture has nothing to do with the story, or the experience. The photographer captured light and pure joy and it internally sparked life into me and I was flooded with memories and emotions of my life's high points and Mommy's words and spirit rushed into and out of me!"

Love the Way

Sunny Leone gallery

"The Way of the a Warrior is based on humanity, love, and sincerity; the heart of martial valor is true bravery, wisdom, love, and friendship. Emphasis on the physical aspects of warriorship is futile, for the power of the body is always limited." - Morihei Ueshiba, founder of Aikido (the Art of Peace)

classic African-American beauty

"You'll see a biker talking to a lawyer, a steelworker talking to an accountant  I'm a Democrat, and now I'm good friends with a Republican. That's the way it is [in a cigar club]." - Bill Eakin, American steelworker

Friday, August 28, 2015

What We Know To Be

Marilyn Monroe in her casket 2

"Compassion asks us to go where it hurts, to enter into the places of pain, to share in brokenness, fear, confusion, and anguish." ~ Henri Nouwen


Where the Crude cannot trod

What A Woman Wants

My senses heighten because he touches me deeply. A soul pierced with his sharp dagger. Warm embrace - sensational vibrations. Impregnated with all he is made of and I am not afraid to give birth to the seed he planted at the core of me.

It's as if he's kissing my neck softly, while gripping one hip and gently caressing the small of my back. His whisper sends chills riveting through my spine, leaving me drunk as if intoxicated with the finest of wines. Penetration beyond a touch, it's his words, that's why I love him so much. 

An intellectual with the superhuman ability to touch me without ever having touched me - I'm in awe of his skills, no groupie just proud to know a man of his intense nature. 

That's What a Woman Wants!!!

"The place this comes from is uncommon ground unfamiliar to crude men. Guard the place, the elder women I've known, might say. Guard without hiding, hide without revealing, reveal from hiding. It confounds the right people, and inspires the right man himself preparing for such a woman. My mother and my wife have that language. It is not common enough..." ~ Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories 

Gayle Georgina Uyuni by Juan Zambrano - one kiss !
June 25, 2015 

"In one kiss, you'll know everything I haven't said."

" Dans un baiser , vous saurez tout ce que je ne l'ai pas dit." - Pablo Neruda


Old Soul Luxury


Everyone in each era, each lifetime should experience at least one night of opulence feeling what it is like to be indulged, special and without a care in the world. - Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories 10.5.13
Old building - inside the main chapel doors of an abandoned school in central Belgium.
The school next door was plundered, the adjacent church still stands © Matt Emmett

pretty African American woman smiling

Angie Vu Ha celebrating Easter dinner 2015

Thursday, August 27, 2015

A Prayer

Ladies in RED

Haley Davis, by Justin Ireland in red dress on December 31, 2011

Hold your truth to you. Draw what you need towards you. Guide your senses. Build your legacy, and be still to know whom you worship, what you lust after, crave and need. Be still within the movements that spell Creation to be creative. - Gregory E. Woods 10.2.13

Paris Hilton in red fluffed mini, red heels & black net stockings !!!!

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Ascending race is not a style.

Cherokee in white t-shirt on her knees in water is reminiscent of profound relationships with the one element we are composed of that we unanimously pollute: water. Our habits, thoughts and practices changed in our relationship to white people over the centuries. Because they developed a strange relationship with water uncleanness became a sign of their coming. They harbored untended fears about wolves, and sorcery, and the elements of Nature (water and land in particular). Contact with their spirit corrupted the waters, the land, and the spiritual practices of all they came to touch.

We are now in a transitional period as the world's energies change, and many of the world's citizens change their energies, and are of necessity changing their relationship with the spirit and the idea of the white people and their concepts of life and how they dictate how things should be. It is extremely difficult work killing the white man within you. Extremely hard, but necessary spiritual work if we all are going to eventually meet in the Sacred Circles and take Healing to the higher levels! - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 10.4.13

Tuesday, August 25, 2015


photography by Sam Hodges of   Melanie Radtke
  December 12, 2012

"i want to comment and share what comes to me, but i've taken it personal, and can't say the words of the stories coming from within both the subject and the style of language you, the photographer, used to tell stories about an experience, an event, a moment in these times!" - Gregory E. Woods, 2.18.14
Sam Hodges' photograph of Sarah Viscera (2013)

Sam Hodges' photograph of Alana Baker (Dec. 2012)



Cherokee's body upclose
"The only cure for materialism is the cleansing of the six senses (eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body, and mind). If the senses are clogged, one's perception is stifled. The more it is stifled, the more contaminated the senses become. This creates disorder in the world, and that is the greatest evil of all. Polish the heart, free the six senses and let them function without obstruction, and your entire body and soul will glow."

- Morihei Ueshiba, THE ART OF PEACE

Monday, August 24, 2015

Resistance is Not Futile

beautiful woman beautiful legs 

"What a man cannot resist he can resist." - Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories

pretty woman pretty legs 

8 Forces = Creation

hair flung into the air by belly dancer

During the years time moved around and gave me age I've thought about the so-called struggle with the Devil, and I began to see the emphasis on him as a Magician's Trick; a clever way of throwing out of sync where the focus of spiritual work should be: within. Not only is the universe reflected within our being the shadows and the light of our souls is reflective of the elements that compose Creation. Creation is a dance of elements. It is math and law, as Old Man taught me over the same years that gave me age, and insights.

Morihei Ueshiba, who founded Aikido, observed and shared that "Eight forces sustain creation: movement and stillness, solidification and fluidity, extension and contraction, unification and division."  When the Sioux war chief, Sitting Bull was in a battle he said, "Today is a good day to die, for all the things of my life are here." Jesus said, "I am the way the truth and the Light..."

These are long ways of men saying what women teach by their powers of Birth. Life-death-resurrection is the fundamental thread within the mystery teachings of Judaism, and from the ancient mysterious of the Egyptians, and many other indigenous traditions lives these sensible  observations felt in the way one lives with the Earth, our Mother.

War-like cultures have to have an enemy. Islam talks about the holy jihad as the inner battle, or struggle one undertakes within one's soul between light and dark, good and evil. These themes are fundamental to growth, and uncovering the mysteries we come from and are born into and are compelled to explore. If one needs a devil to focus on to become his/her best self; so be it. It is just that Old Man forbade me giving Satan any energy by acknowledging, or saying his name. Old Man said Christians say his name, and gave him more credit for things than they do Jesus!

- Gregory E. Woods
Keeper of Stories


My room was clean, but then i needed something....

I was a young hopeful, and scared husband. One of my early jobs was trying to sell Kirby vacuum cleaners. Kirby trained their sales people, and assigned someone to shadow novices on early attempts to sale the products. My trainer was caring and energetic. We were taught techniques to get us through the front door into the homeowner's bedroom lifting the mattress telling a spooky tale of mites in the mattress. It was smooth the way my trainer/manager did it. I was awkward with it because I was raised to regard the master bedroom as special, as a sacred space for a husband and wife. I couldn't break through the taboo even though the job paid by commission mostly. 

One of the homes we entered was real nasty, and dirty. We could not get past the lady of the house sitting in her living room. Something within her was stronger than every pitch, and approach, and unsettled something within me. She was an older, stout woman. Her complexion was ruddy; her arms beefy, and behind her glasses her piercing eyes were slits tearing through the fabric of our souls. What we entered into was disconcerting, and my boss was flabbergasted by something we couldn't touch, or fathom! 

The husband who'd not said much saw how bewildered we were. After a long time watching us squirm he finally relieved our tension telling us a story explaining the messy house, and the stoic nature of his wife. She had been a prisoner at Auschwitz during World War II, survived cruelty beyond our comprehension, and how she avoided the gas chambers staggered both of us! She was a European Jew. As her husband spoke her dismissive hand gestures punctuated her memories saying, "This (her house) is nothing compared to what I endured. This is not dirty...." 

The husband was attentive, loving and understood his wife. - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 10.9.13

Oct. 7, 2013

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Elegance is fun

4 Black women in white by Penny Boi Productions August 16, 2015 

4 women's antics around their hair & fashion 


body of art
November 8, 2012 · 
"To journey into the Underworld of the Faery, one must be pure of heart, honest, and steadfast of will, which may be why children more readily see and hear the Faery. Journeying to the Underworld involves intentionally stepping between worlds. This is termed "walking between worlds: or "twinkling"; it involves a physical translation into other realms and, one hopes, the subsequent physical return to ordinary reality. Many stories tell of those who entered into the Faery mounds never to return or only to return several years after they left. 

Underworld experiences liberate and unify our energies and perceptions rather than rationalize and separate them. The deeper we reach into the Underworld, the closer we come to the Earth Light. To the Celts, the light within the earth was direct light, that of spirit living within matter." 

Pocket Guide to CELTIC SPIRITUALITY by Sirona Knight p. 52


Nicole Scherzinger posted Job Vacancy: Leg lotion applier. No experience necessary. Applications on a postcard 2015

HEAVY in the Spotlight

"Melissa McCarthy from the first time I saw her on her sitcom struck a dynamic and sexy pose effortlessly that endeared me and many other men to her. It is the kind of thing that occurs in Washington DC alot with Black women who are big and built like African women. Beyond that I can't explain in the language of the women here in DC what resonates within Melissa McCarthy. . . ." - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 8.22.15

actress Melissa McCarthy wearing her own design on red carpet
June 3, 2015 

"Perhaps, it is difficult to assess whether Melissa McCarthy's style and body type (which I like) is judged not on the merits of the ''who" and the composition of the actress' body demands, but on how close she is to getting smaller to compare with the standard of these times? The way a big woman moves has its own sensuality with a dynamic that moves with and against the flow of beauty and the harshness of perception. Looking at big women is an interesting study of oneself when trying to be honest, or kind trying to be hip." - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 8.22.15

actress Melissa McCarthy attended the UK premiere of SPY in London on
May 27, 2015 · 

The Curvy Fashionista

Bound to be Free

Bound to be free by Heather Evans Smith
August 23, 2014 ·
Your soul remembers who you are, even if at times it seems far away from you, forgotten or faded into the mists of time. Never worry that this thread is invisible or impossible to follow; it's been in your fingers this whole time wound right into the very heart of you. One little pull at a time and everything comes back to you, this divine birth rite of your soul, your worth, your gifts, and all that you desire. Give it a little tug and let it loosen and unravel free ~Ara


The Goddess Circle 
Heather Evans Smith


Inked and Sexy

Levy Tran
Oct. 3, 2013

African women together 

joyful woman 2

"There is much joy in the world, and Beauty abounds. It is the perception of the forms of things and events that confuses the presence of Beauty, and the joy that comes from so many different ways." 

- Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories 

the Muse by Nightcap Clothing 8.23.12

The Muse. She enlightens the spiritual mindset to depend on outside and internal stimuli because of the variety of sensations that stimulate growth and creativity are works of Creation. - Gregory E. Woods 8.23.12

Composure is worn differently...

Gwyneth Paltrow on a photo shoot for Hugo Boss in downtown Los Angeles.
Gwyneth Paltrow
Gwyneth Paltrow

Tamala Jones, actress

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Belief to Joy

Adriana Lima with  Alessandra Ambrosio on  Victoria's Secret runway 2013 

affirmation of Adriana Lima 

"I like to make people laugh." – new Angel Taylor Hill. Learn more about‪#‎TheNewestAngels‬ right here:

Walking in the Rain with the one...

Jennifer Love Hewitt - Jennifer Love Hewitt and Brian Hallisay Leave Their NYC Hotel
a pregnant Jennifer Love Hewitt leaving her hotel in New York city Aug. 22, 2013
photo: Flame/Flynet Pictures 

Jennifer Love Hewitt - Jennifer Love Hewitt and Brian Hallisay Leave Their NYC Hotel
Fiance, Brian Hallisay and his pregnant Jennifer Love Hewitt leaves their New York city hotel Aug. 22, 2013.
photo: Flame/Flynet Pictures

soul problem

When August Alsina said, "I love a pretty girl that's difficult, gets mad over lil shit, argue cause they wanna talk to you, they a handful but they worth it" he speaks the way a man speaks who both loves and enjoys relationships based on conflict. Most do. The culture gives much credence to these relationships as if the possibility of reciprocal relationships do not exist, or are unattainable. - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories

the Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson !!!!

Pamela Anderson in Italy!!!!